Inter Ad Agency is a full-service advertising and public relations firm, recognized locally, regionally and internationally, located in Sarasota. “We are thrilled to celebrate thirty years of success in the industry and locally, here in Sarasota,” says owner, Peter Paul. The creative services encompass marketing, advertising and branding for all facets of print, electronic and web media. For three decades, the agency has served some of the largest corporations worldwide in a wide range of industries.

As always, creativity and reliable performance are still the cornerstones of our reputation,” says Peter Paul.

Over the past three decades, Inter Ad established what we believe to be many ‘firsts’ within the full-service advertising Industry.

• In December 1985, together with founding partner Linda Thomas, Peter Paul started the agency with an in-house typography service in downtown Sarasota, offering typesetting and repro-camera work to other agencies.

• Inter Ad was the first and only agency that provided an international in-house illustration service, serving clients such as Pepsi Cola, Procter and Gamble, Chrysler Corp. and others.

• Years later, together with partner Lee Messina, Inter Ad was the only local agency with an in-house pre-press service, offering computer work and pre-print color separations in addition to full ad agency services.

• The first local in-house certified webmaster and first in-house programmers were part of Inter Ad. The agency received the first awarded gold ADDYs* for web design several years in a row.

• Inter Ad Agency created the first international 3-D film productions by a local firm, which was developed in London with the client premiere in Las Vegas.

• In addition to marketing and branding campaigns for products, services and messages, the agency owned and published EVENTS, a monthly consumer magazine dedicated to local community involvement.

• As the first local firm in the industry, Inter Ad established Persuasive Art, a bridge between commercial art and fine art, by opening the Peter Paul Gallery in Sarasota. The gallery continues to provide lectures for the community and local colleges on the topic.

Several years ago, the agency underwent an exciting transformation and added its own lines of art products, home furnishings and jewelry to its creative display. Inter Ad is holding several patents for design and functionality on these unique products.

Today, Inter Ad Agency is the marketing umbrella for advertising and promotion services for our clients as well as for our own products. Established long-term clients as well as young entrepreneurs and social media wizards are our affiliates. “Our marketing environment has expanded and is much more ‘social’ and international today, but creativity is still the only true key for success,” says Peter Paul.

The agency is currently located in its new headquarters and creative hub, Inter Art Park, in Sarasota. Offices, design studios, photo studios, and art gallery are nestled, together with a tennis court and a nature preserve, in a perfect, park-like, creative environment.

Throughout the years, Inter Ad has garnered scores of advertising, marketing and design awards. Peter Paul and his team are humbled to have won a record of more than 250 ADDYs*, a Lifetime Achievement Medal by the AAF* (the highest national honor by the federation) and numerous other awards for excellence in the industry.

The award-winning work has achieved impressive results in branding and advertising campaigns in the United States and Europe for clients like Pepsi Cola,Proctor & Gamble, Chrysler Corporation, Siemens, Hoechst International, Arthur Andersen, Wellcraft, Chris Craft, US Filter, Vivendi, Columbia Healthcare and others.

Notable local clients, past and present, include Arvida Realty, Blake Hospital, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Cellular One, Global Financial, Neurological Associates, Crissy Galleries, DNA Print Genomics, Ringling Museum and many others.

Inter Ad also has an ongoing involvement with the local art, business and non-profit communities. The Chambers of Commerce, Ringling Museum of Art, Arts Council, Art Centers, Merchant Alliances, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Animal Rescue Coalitions, Senior Friendship Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, are just a few of the recipients of countless pro bono time and service by Inter Ad Agency. The agency received the International ECO award in gold for a multi-year “Give Back To Nature” tree planting campaign, the only firm in Florida to receive this recognition.

*ADDY, the advertising industry’s recognition of excellence in design and creativity, awarded by the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

“For our thirty years of creative success, I would like to thank all the many talented affiliates and partners for helping to develop and maintain our amazing teams and friendships. My thanks goes also to our many clients who invested their trust in us and our capabilities to have their product and message stand out above all competitors. We are always giving our full attention and passion to each individual project which is very rewarding and it never feels like work. Thank you for the incredible last thirty years and please join us for the next thirty!” Peter Paul.

Our special thanks goes to the many individuals who joined us in all those creative and exciting times of the past 30 years. We wouldn’t be where we are without your contributions.

On the ad agency side:
Linda Thomas (partner 1985), Lee Messina (partner 1997), Sheila Brennan, Janine Faber, Donna Riggs, Tim Field, Kevin Lineberger, Lori Dougherty , Don Corbin, Sandra Castro, Bryan Gordon, Holy Antoszewski, Aaron Phillips, Mark Zampella, David Kovalev, Patricia Canfield Wilson, April Danello, Tony Zas, Kim Howland, Donna Goscicki, Elaine Silver, Marina Preston, Kevin Costello, David Hausmann, Brent Hickey, Rebecca Young, Judy Bodenweiser and many others.

On the client side, representing Arthur Anderson, Wellcraft Marine, Chris Craft, Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi Cola, BMW, Crysler Corp, Blake Hospital, Global Financial, Neurological Associates, DNA Print, Riscorp, Ringling Museum, ZDF, US Filter and many more:
Tim Field, JoAnne Wood, Scott Grogan, Barbara Linick, Kate Brown, David Yoder, Lois Langley, Stephanie Dalton, Lee Messina, Dr Craig Trigueiro, Bruce Crissy, Geoffrey Frazier, Mike Dixon, Jane Barr, Rick Torrington, Richard Gabriel, Souad Dreyfus, Michael Bush, Ursula Rinke, Peter Turo, Stanislas Kostka, Candy Silecchia, Pat Kaufman, Michael Woodward, Matt Leiter, Jean Renoux, Nancy Cameron, Beverly Scott and many others.

Our apology if we missed to mention here any of the key names in our development during the past 30 years.

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